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BUSINESS AREA International Logistics Air/Ocean
The optimum global supply chain, international logistics
with HanExpress, your world will become smaller.


We have constructed global network to provide perfect global supply chain in world anywhere.
We provide special transportation services according to customers’ needs in field of general, bulk, petrochemicals,
hazardous materials and semi-conductor through transportation experiences and know-how.


  • Real Time tracking service through integrated logistics system.
  • Global Network.
    (Operation of global agents in Asia / Europe / America / Africa etc.)
  • Integrated export & import services, such as total payment,
    door to door service.
  • Tripartite countries Intermediary Trade & Network service for dealing
    with multilateral customers.
  • Export, import, port cargo handling, trucking service for special cargo
    such as hazardous materials and heavy cargo.
  • Bulk freight brokerage and chartering service.
  • LCL service.
  • Multimodal transportation service through TSR, TCR etc in East
    Europe & Central Asia.
  • Document handling service for L/C by proxy.
  • Freight packaging service / fumigation and fest management.
  • Providing the most competitive and reasonable FCL price.

Service scope

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Export & Import logistics
We provide stable export, import service through integrated logistics service from domestic
transportation to packing, storage and customs clearance.
Continuous transportation for tripartite countries
We provide direct service such as publishing switch B/L and additional works through
Global network of Han Express for Tripartite countries Intermediary Trade.
Project logistics
We provide safety and quick transportation service through rich experience of bulk and experts
of project to deal with Special cargo such as Infrastructure equipments, Plant relocation,
lengthy facilities and super heavy cargo.
Bulk logistics
We provide perfect delivery service not only bulk transportation of petrochemicals but also
all kind of materials such as feeds, grains, woods, metals and Resin etc.
Container transportation
We provide the best transportation service from Dry container to reefer, Freeze, FLEXI TANK,
We deal in ocean freights not only FCL but also LCL, through several years Know-how
and global network.
Storage of Export & import goods
  • We can keep Export import goods and bonded goods. We can provide packing service
    of multi-variety and small quantity products to deliver to every destination.
  • We can deliver from Incheon Airport center to domestic destination directly for customer
    who work for main market in capital area.
Priority Service
  • Bonded storage.
    (export/import/transfer cargo)
  • inspection area for imported plants.
  • Safety & security storage.
  • Supporting export, import customs
  • Consulting of global logistics.
  • General storage.
  • Rework service.
    (labeling/checking/ assembling)
  • Dry storage. (semi conductor, LCD,
    high price goods)
  • Domestic delivery.