Best Leading Partner, HanExpress

Code of Ethics

ABOUT COMPANY Ethical Management Code of Ethics
  • Reliable company contributing to customer value
    with progressive and effective management.

  • HanExpress shall carry out our responsibilities and duties so that every
    interested party may grow and develop with progressive and effective
    management. To achieve this, the employees of HanExpress enact the
    code of ethics as follows and declare to practice it as a standard of
    behavior and value judgment.

Ethical Management

FirstWe construct mutual reliability with stockholders and investors by providing clear and accurate financial statement.

SecondWe seek mutual development with affiliates keeping fair transaction environment and order.

ThirdWe shall treat equally according to ability and performance providing equal opportunity.

FourthWe shall not make any cheating with interested parties both monetary and non-monetary.

FifthWe shall observe regulation and rules, and take full social responsibility
to contribute to logistics industry, economic and social development.