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ABOUT COMPANY Ethical Management File a Report / Complaints
  • “HanExpress
    seeks honest and reliable management

  • From January 15, 2005. HanExpress implements ethical management.

How to report

  • HanExpress shall take works in business ethics to improve company' s actual competitiveness beyond a simple advertisement.
  • We shall relied company" s management if you provide any fault custom or revision/suggestion.
  • 1. Self-report of employees
    When an employee receives gift exceeding standards or bribe, fill the below form and report 'It to director"
    room or strategic planning department.
  • 2. Affiliate literal request report
    When there is any illegal request abusing superior status, fill the below form and report it to strategic planning
  • If there is inaccurate resource or false return, or insult or slander, it may not be processed.
  • We shall answer result via telephone or email. To clarify facts, please put personal information of reporter and contents
    according to five W' s and on H.


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