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BUSINESS AREA Domestic Logistics Transportation
With logisics services of HanExpress,
you can create much bigger value safety and security.


We have been providing the best transportation service according to specific requirements of customers in diverse industries,
such as petrochemical, construction, automotive, military etc.


General Cargo
Cargo, container and bonded transportation
services handling various types of general cargo,
such as industrial, construction materials.
Over Weight / Over Sized
Ensuring safety in transportation utilizing optimal route
design considering characteristics of freights,
operational constraints and adequate vehicles.
Bulk Cargo
Cost saving, eco-friendly services utilizing silo
box and bulk trailer with minimizing work procedures,
such as packaging, palletizing, use of MHE etc.
Special Cargo
Hazardous material transportation with
specialized vehicles.
Explosives and defense industry material
The most safe and rapid service through
many years` experience of handling explosives and
defense products.
Stevedoring Services
All in one service at main ports in Korea.
CPG (Consumer packaged goods)
On time, accurate logistics services through
joint delivery system and stable allocation of vehicles.
Logistics related business
(Gas station/Diesel exhaust fluid)
Gas stations at main points of industrial
complex in Yeosu and Ulsan.
Parcel delivery service handling pharmaceuticals
and hazardous materials
Operating frequent, small quantity delivery of
pharmaceuticals and hazardous materials.
The most reliable storage and distribution
services through operation know-how handling various
types of items, such as grains, CPG etc.
Corporate Moving
Corporate moving service with our expert

Vehicles possession status

Type Qty Type Qty
Tractor 85 Tank Lorry 29
Bulk T/R 57 Tank T/R 97
Cargo Truck 74 74 Wingbody 32
Cargo T/R 74 DDT 18
Refrigerated 350 Dry van 100
Total : 916

Service scope

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General cargo

We reasonably design all parts of logistics process of customers, such as transportation,
warehousing and packaging etc.

Major Items

Industrial/construction materials, precise machineries and CPG etc.

Over sized, weight

Accurate and effect transportation design for power plant and subsidiary resources, Turbine,
Generator, Wind Tower and crane through road survey (customized vehicle, barge use, and
road reinforcement work) to make a safe delivery.

Transportation Photo
Bulk cargo
Through operational know-how accumulated by the first adoption of bulk transportation
system, We always provide the best logistics services.
Process - Bulk System Flow
Major Items
(PVC, PE, PET, NYLON etc),
Special cargo
To transport hazardous materials and dangerous goods necessary to need safety control,
we utilize specialized transportation equipment and monitor real-time operational status by
VTS(Vehicle Tracking System).
Major Items
  • Petrochemicals. (MDI, TDI, NaOh, Polyol etc)
  • Hazardous substance. (Hydrochloric acid, Ammonia, Nitric acid, Ammonium nitrate etc)
  • Petroleum. (LSWR, Asphalt etc)
  • Etc. (Latex, Water treatment materials, Hydrogen gas etc)
Explosives & Military products
Providing the safest and most rapid service through many years` experience of handling
explosives and defense products.
Major Items
  • Gunpowder, Explosives, Military equipment, Weapons etc.
Based on nationwide main ports, we provide one-stop stevedoring services, such as unloading,
storage and transportation for bulk (steel, nonferrous metals, bituminous coal, and sodium
chloride) and over weighted/sized equipment for plant construction.
Strengths Of Services
  • Nationwide delivery network
    in operation. (Dry/Frozen/Chilled)
  • Optimal vehicle routing operation
    maximizing effectiveness of joint
  • Implementation of education and
    training for safety and service.
  • Set up Data-base regarding vehicle
    entering contains,
    loading/unloading condition by sites
    and delivery procedure.
Delivery Vehicle
Main Delivery Points